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Services Provided

individual counseling

counseling for kids
children and teens
emotional resilience
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Individual counseling sessions are offered for youth ages 5 through 18. These sessions are designed to teach social-emotional skills, develop emotional resilience, and support them to set and achieve their goals. The programming will be tailored to fit each individual’s specific needs, as well as include a parent component to help reinforce skills taught. Sessions are typically 50 minutes and may be adjusted to suit the age and attention span of the child. Sessions can be in home or office. 

social skills groups

social skills children and teens
colorado springs

Social Skills Groups are groups of children of similar ages and development working towards similar social-emotional goals. Groups may address topics such as stress management, anxiety reduction, social skills, bullying and aggression, emotional regulation, impulse control, self-esteem, positive body image, growth mindset, and more.  All group work will incorporate an element of yoga and mindfulness. Groups typically meet for ninety minutes once a week for 6 weeks. 

executive function coaching

teens and tweens
colorado springs
executive functioning 

Executive Function Coaching is for the pre-teen and teen who has difficulty managing time, staying focused, planning and completing tasks, staying organized, remembering things, and impulse control. Our coaching will teach and reinforce these important cognitive skills in a fun and engaging way.  Executive Function coaching is a 12 week program completed in a small group setting along with individual sessions to reinforce skills and set and achieve personal goals. 


homeschool children teens families
social emotional learning skills
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Are you a home-school parent looking for social-emotional learning opportunities for your kiddos? Heartspace Counseling for Kids has experience home-schooling as well as working with home-school families. Programming can be tailored to meet the age and needs of your group and can include topics such as growth mindset and motivation, self-confidence and self-esteem, social skills, emotional regulation and many more. Groups are held during the school day and can be in home, office, or other location to meet the needs of the group.

military kids groups

social skills
military kids
military family 
support groups 
fort carson
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At Heartspace Counseling for Kids, we are uniquely qualified to serve our military kids and address the challenges they may face in a military lifestyle. Our MiL-KiD Groups will tackle issues such as separation and deployment, transitioning to a new school, making friends, maintaining connections, community involvement, self-confidence and self-esteem, among others. Programming will be tailored to fit the age and needs of the group. Our Mil-KiD groups meet regularly throughout the school year. These are open groups and kids can join anytime. 

after-school programs

after school programs
social skills
social emotional learning
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As educators, we know there is often not enough time in the school day to meet all the needs of some of our students. After-school programs are an effective way to meet the social-emotional learning needs of those students. All groups are skill based and will teach students tools to help them be more successful in school and life. Heartspace Counseling for Kids can work with school personnel and/or the PTA to tailor groups specific to those needs. Our after-school programs are convenient and affordable. Some scholarships are available.

Fees and Insurance


At Heartspace Counseling for Kids, LLC we strive to make our mental health services affordable and accessible to all by offering reasonable fees for 30- and 50- minute individual sessions.

We offer the option of a sliding scale fee to those who qualify. Sliding scale fees are based on a client's household income and/or current financial strain. There are a limited number spots available for this option.

Small group counseling sessions are another way we strive to make our services more affordable. We offer many small groups sessions throughout the year. 


Payments are accepted in the form of cash, check, or credit/debit card.  Fees are collected at the time of service. Please note, cash is not held onsite so exact change should be considered when intending on paying in cash.  


Heartspace Counseling for Kids, LLC currently does not accept any form of insurance including Medicaid. Please note that we cannot accept self-pay clients who hold current membership with Medicaid.